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คำสอนสั้น ๆ หลวงพ่อชา 2

When sitting in meditation, say,

Happiness and suffering do not depend on being poor or rich, they depend on having the right or wrong understanding in our mind. - Ajahn Chah

If you listen to the Dhamma teachings but don't practice you're like a ladle in a soup pot. The ladle is in the soup pot every day, but it doesn't know the taste of the soup. You must reflect and meditate. - Ajahn Chah

Do everything with a mind that lets go. Do not expect praise or reward. - Ajahn Chah


When one does not understand death, life can be very confusing. - Ajahn Chah

Just know what is happening in your mind - not happy or sad about it, not attached. If you suffer see it, know it, and be empty. It's like a letter - you have to open it before you can know what's in it. - Ajahn Chah

Know and watch your heart. It's pure but emotions come to colour it. - Ajahn Chah

To give up doing evil is more important than making merit. - Ajahn Chah

Looking for peace is like looking for a turtle with a mustache: You won't be able to find it. But when your heart is ready, peace will come looking for you. - Ajahn Chah

คำสอนสั้น ๆ หลวงพ่อชา 1

If you let go a little you will have a little happiness. If you let go a lot you will have a lot of happiness. If you let go completely you will be free. - Ajahn Chah

Letting go a little brings a little peace. Letting go a lot brings a lot of peace. Letting go completely brings complete peace. - Ajahn Chah

Mindfulness is life. Whenever we don’t have mindfulness, when we are heedless, it’s as if we are dead. - Ajahn Chah

There are two kinds of suffering. There is the suffering you run away from, which follows you everywhere. And there is the suffering you face directly, and so become free. - Ajahn Chah

A woman wanted to know how to deal with anger. I asked when anger arose whose anger it was. She said it was hers. Well, if it really was her anger, then she should be able to tell it to go away, shouldnt she? But it really isn't hers to command. Holding on to anger as a personal possession will cause suffering. If anger really belonged to us, it would have to obey us. If it doesn't obey us, that means it's only a deception. Don't fall for it. Whenever the mind is happy or sad, don't fall for it. Its all a deception. - Ajahn Chah

When the heart truly understands, it lets go of everything. - Ajahn Chah

Anything which is troubling you, anything which is irritating you, THAT is your teacher. - Ajahn Chah

Whenever we feel that we are definitely right, so much so that we refuse to open up to anything or anybody else, right there we are wrong. It becomes wrong view. When suffering arises, where does it arise from? The cause is wrong view, the fruit of that being suffering. If it was right view it wouldn't cause suffering. - Ajahn Chah

To observe and watch one's own mind is something really interesting. The untrained mind will run and follow its old habit patterns. Because it has not been trained and taught, it will get lost in all kinds of stories and issues. Therefore we have to train our mind. The meditation practice in Buddhism is all about training one's own mind. - Ajahn Chah


2. have

  1. had                  Had I known what the problem was, we could have addressed it.
  2. had                  Had he succeeded, he would have acquired a monopoly...
  3. had                  If your customer thinks he's been had, you have to make him happy.
  4. had                  Had he succeeded, he would have acquired a monopoly...
  5. had                  Unless she loses some weight, she's had it...
  6. had                  I've had it. Let's call it a day...
  7. had                  If your customer thinks he's been had, you have to make him happy.
  8. have 1                         When I met her, she had just returned from a job interview...
  9. have 1                         `Have you been to York before?'*`Yes we have.'
  10. have 1                         You haven't sent her away, have you?...
  11. have 1                         What have you found so far?...
  12. have 1                         He arrived in San Francisco, having left New Jersey on January 19th...
  13. have 1                         Alex has already gone...
  14. have 2                         I'll have a think about that...
  15. have 2                         His visit had a great effect on them.
  16. have 2                         I went out and had a walk around...
  17. have 2                         Come and have a meal with us tonight...
  18. have 2                         She had an operation on her knee at the clinic...
  19. have 2                         She rested for a while, then had a wash and changed her clothes...
  20. have 3                         My wife has just had a baby boy...
  21. have 3                         I had comments from people in all age groups.
  22. have 3                         My wife has just had a baby boy...
  23. have 3                         You can have my ticket...
  24. have 3                         When the police came, Larry had him by the ear and was beating his head against the pavement.
  25. have 3                         I had a headache...
  26. have 3                         Mr Gower had had us all working so hard.
  27. have 3                         I'm not having any of that nonsense...
  28. have 3                         I will not have the likes of you dragging down my reputation.
  29. have 3                         The dance hall once even had its roof blown off in World War II.
  30. have 3                         We had our money stolen...
  31. have 3                         I had your rooms cleaned and aired...
  32. have 3                         He had his hand on Maria's shoulder.
  33. have 3                         Rumour has it that tickets were being sold for *300...
  34. have 3                         He might be having a heart attack...
  35. have 3                         He's always had it in for the Dawkins family.
  36. have 3                         Mary had her eyes closed...
  37. have 3                         He had two tenants living with him...
  38. have 3                         `You were brilliant!' he said. `I didn't know you had it in you.'
  39. have 3                         I have some important calls to make.
  40. have 3                         He had plenty of work to do...
  41. have 3                         I have no doubt at all in my own mind about this...
  42. have 3                         Do you have any brothers and sisters?...
  43. have 3                         Malone's eyes widened. `You're having me on, Liam.'
  44. have 3                         You have beautiful eyes...
  45. have 3                         I want to have my own business...
  46. have 3                         Oscar had a new bicycle...
  47. have 3                         Why not have it out with your critic, discuss the whole thing face to face?
  48. have 3                         As I was working, I had the radio on...
  49. have 3                         The bridge is not as impressive as some guides would have you believe...
  50. have 3                         Mr Gower had had us all working so hard.
  51. have 3                         You've had your hair cut, it looks great...
  52. have 3                         Have you any valuables anywhere else in the house?...
  53. have 4                         There has to be some kind of way out...
  54. have 4                         They didn't have to pay tax.
  55. have 4                         He had to go to Germany...

1. be

  1.                         This is happening in every school throughout the country...
  2.                         She didn't always think carefully about what she was doing...
  3.                         Forensic experts were called in...
  4.                         Her husband was killed in a car crash...
  5.                         The cost of electricity from coal-fired stations is expected to fall...
  6.                         Similar action is being taken by the US government.
  7.                         The talks are to begin tomorrow...
  8.                         It was to be Johnson's first meeting with the board in nearly a month...
  9.                         You are to answer to Brian, to take your orders from him.
  10.                         What am I to do without him?...
  11.                         Who is to say which of them had more power?...
  12.                         Then he received a phone call that was to change his life...
  13.                         A few hours later he was to prove it.
  14.                         Little traffic was to be seen on the streets...
  15.                         They are to be found all over the world.
  16.                        He is a very attractive man...
  17.                         My grandfather was a butcher...
  18.                         The fact that you were willing to pay in the end is all that matters...
  19.                         The sky was black...
  20.                         It is 1,267 feet high...
  21.                         Cheney was in Madrid...
  22.                         His house is next door...
  23.                         `Is it safe?'*`Well of course it is.'...
  24.                         He's still alive isn't he?
  25.                         It was too chilly for swimming...
  26.                         Sometimes it is necessary to say no...
  27.                         It is likely that investors will face losses...
  28.                         It's nice having friends to chat to...
  29.                         It's a good thing I brought lots of handkerchiefs...
  30.                         It's no good just having meetings...
  31.                         It's a good idea to avoid refined food...
  32.                         It's up to us to prove it.
  33.                         Clearly there is a problem here...
  34.                         There are very few cars on this street...
  35.                         There was nothing new in the letter...
  36.                         It was me she didn't like, not what I represented...
  37.                         What the media should not do is to exploit people's natural fears...
  38.                         Our greatest problem is convincing them...
  39.                         The question was whether protection could be improved...
  40.                         All she knew was that I'd had a broken marriage...
  41.                         Local residents said it was as if there had been a nuclear explosion.
  42.                         The fact is, the players gave everything they had...
  43.                         The plan is good; the problem is it doesn't go far enough.
  44.                         She's always noticed. But then, to be honest, Ghislaine likes being noticed...
  45.                         It enabled students to devote more time to their studies, or to be more accurate, more time to relaxation.
  46.                       The chemical agent, whether it be mustard gas or nerve gas, can be absorbed by the skin.
  47.                      She'd learnt to be herself and to stand up for her convictions.
  48.                     I could happily move back into a flat if it wasn't for the fact that I'd miss my garden...
  49.                     If it hadn't been for her your father would be alive today.
  50.                    ...a problem which is getting worse.
  51.                         It was about four o'clock.
  52.                    `I'm sorry,' I said.
  53.                         `But it's not possible,' Lili said.
  54.                         `Okay,' he said. `Your brother's going to take you to Grafton.'
  55.                         She was watching us.
  56.                         Several apartment buildings were destroyed.
  57.                         We were very happy.
  58.                         He is now a teenager.
  59.                         At one time you wanted to be President.
  60.                         Rose Gibson is twenty-seven.
  61.                         How much is it?
  62.                         It's five pounds.
  63.                         He was still in a state of shock.
  64.                         I'm from Dortmund originally.
  65.                         ...people who are under pressure.
  66.                         After dinner they were to go to a movie.
  67.                         Who is to question him?
  68.                         Are you O.K?
  69.                         Is she Rick's sister?
  70.                         I was not surprised.
  71.                         It was not an easy task.
  72.                         You're being very silly.
  73.                         Before he became Mayor he had been a tram driver.
  74.                         It was not until 1845 that Texas became part of the U.S.A.
  75.                         There is a rear bathroom with a panelled bath.
  76.                         There are other possibilities.
  77.                         There was a brief silence.
  78.                         It was very quiet in the hut.
  79.                         It was awkward keeping my news from Ted.
  80.                         It's strange you should come today.
  81.                         I have been to Santander many times.
  82.                         They were only fifty miles from the coast.
  83.                         We were quite busy that week.
  84.                         You were only twelve at the time.
  85.                         If I were in his circumstances, I would go his way too.
  86.                         It would be a disaster if he were not re-elected.
  87.                         If education were even better organized, there would be no complaint about the content or level of work required.
  88.                         If I was an architect, I'd re-design this house.
  89.                         This would still be true if Britain was out of the Community.
  90.                         Where can I get my book published?
  91.                         It being a Sunday, the old men had the day off...
  92.                         Of course, being young, I did not worry.
  93.                         ...beings from outer space.
  94.                         Abraham Maslow described psychology as `the science of being.'...
  95.                         The Kingdom of Italy formally came into being on 17 March 1861.
  96.                         I used to go everywhere with my mother being as I was the youngest.

3. do

  1.  The last thing she will do is add to her troubles.
  2. It did wonders for one's own good manners.
  3. The government has said it would wish to do this only if there was no alternative.
  4. Some people have never actually done any computing.
  5. Where did you hide the can opener?
  6. I don't know what to do.
  7. You can't predict what these things are going to do.
  8. How did you get on?
  9. I do the washing; he does the cooking; we share the washing-up.
  10. Winters here vary as they do elsewhere.
  11. When the repairs had been done she was a fine and beautiful ship.
  12. Did you make these yourself?
  13. Can I do anything?
  14. Why does everybody believe in the law of gravity?
  15. No one liked being young then as they do now.
  16. They are doing everything possible to take care of you.
  17. Did you take this photograph or was it someone else's photograph?
  18. Everyone knows what everyone else is doing.
  19. Does anybody agree with me?
  20. There was nothing you could do, nothing at all.
  21. `Is there nothing I can do?' `Not a thing'.
  22. `Is there really a difference? Which do you prefer?'
  23. What are you doing?
  24. `What did he want?' `Maurice's address.'
  25. `A duel, Pa? Whom did he fight?'
  26. He wondered what Daintry would do now.
  27. The older children can all do the same things together.
  28. Any doctor would say she didn't know what she was doing.
  29. What is the President doing about all this?
  30. How long does it take on the train?
  31. They do not hesitate to break the law.
  32. `Somebody ought to have done it long ago,' remarked the fat man.
  33. We have done the little that is in our power.
  34. Do you remember that funny little attic apartment?
  35. Residents are allowed to bring their own furniture with them if they wish to do so.
  36. Are there any jobs that men can do that women can't?
  37. A colleague and I got some money to do research on rats.
  38. A computer can only do what you program it to do.
  39. Do you have any advice on that?
  40. Any big tin container will do.
  41. Are there any jobs that men can do but women can't?
  42. Do you watch much television?
  43. He did not speak much English.
  44. He does more hours than I do.
  45. His visit might do more harm than good.
  46. He does more hours than I do.
  47. I usually do a few jobs for him in the house.
  48. You will never have to do any more work.
  49. It's amazing what they can do.
  50. Oil and gas drillers are doing a booming business.
  51. I would have done a better job than he did.
  52. I enjoy cooking far more now, because I do less of it.
  53. He could hardly have felt more of a fool than he did at that moment.
  54. We did some of the journey by night.
  55. They have done a vast amount of hard work.
  56. Do you have to fill in hundreds of forms before you go?
  57. The car could do only forty-five miles per hour.
  58. The over-sixties do not want to be turned out of their homes.
  59. In France most folk of Mike's age are doing their National Service.
  60. Shortly after the shooting, the man who had done it was arrested.
  61. Money did not interest him very much.
  62. She did not look round when he entered.
  63. You're someone who does what she wants.
  64. I think my father was a brave man to do what he did.
  65. Most people think I am brave to do this.
  66. They thought this was a sensible thing to do.
  67. Do you find his view of America interesting?
  68. People who did not like him called him dull.
  69. Do you want it white or black?
  70. We do ask people to keep in touch with us.
  71. She did not regret accepting his offer.
  72. She did not like my living in London.
  73. I encourage students to do these exercises at home.
  74. What did you say to Myra?
  75. If you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer them.
  76. Did you give him my letter?
  77. I shall do everything I can to help you.
  78. I do feel sorry for Roger.
  79. A little knowledge does seem to be a dangerous thing.
  80. He had no time or energy to play with his children or talk with his wife, but he did bring home a regular salary.
  81. `Did you go through?'*`No, I didn't bother.'
  82. Did you meet George in France?
  83. Does it hurt much?
  84. Do they do the work themselves?
  85. Do you understand what I'm saying?
  86. Do you think it's Ella on the phone?
  87. Do they do the work themselves?
  88. Does David do this sort of thing often?
  89. Does anyone have a question?
  90. Do hedgehogs have intelligence?
  91. Did you have a good flight?
  92. `You don't always remember them, do you?'*`No.'
  93. `You are going to do this, aren't you?'*`Yes.'
  94. `We don't want these tables here like this, do we?'*`No, Dr Kirk.'
  95. `Who do you like best, me or Emily?'*`Oh, you, of course.'
  96. `Will you have your whisky, or do you want dinner straight away?'*`Whisky. Make it a large one.'
  97. When did you last see John Cartwright?
  98. How do you know what it's like?
  99. Where does she live?
  100. What do you really think?
  101. What am I going to do without you?
  102. Which department do you want?
  103. Who did you dance with?
  104. Who do I pay this to?
  105. For whom were they supposed to do it?
  106. Who did he marry?
  107. Whom did you see?
  108. Whose babies did you think they were?
  109. Which doctor do you want to see?
  110. Which station did you come from?
  111. Which do you like best?
  112. Where does she live?
  113. Where do you go to complain?
  114. When do we have supper?
  115. When did you find her?
  116. Why does Amy want to go and see his grave?
  117. Why does she treat me like that when we're such old friends?
  118. How do we open it?
  119. How did he know when you were coming?
  120. `How do I look?'*`Very nice.'
  121. How did you feel when you stood up in front of the class?
  122. How much did he tell you?
  123. How many did you find?
  124. How much does it cost?
  125. How much do they really understand?
  126. What books does she read?
  127. What church did you say you attend?
  128. What did he die of?
  129. What if they didn't want to part with it, what would you do then?
  130. What do you want to talk about?
  131. What do you think about the present political situation?
  132. Wherever did you get this?
  133. Do not move out of your home without getting legal advice.
  134. Do help me out.
  135. And now, please do stop crying.
  136. Do have a chocolate biscuit.
  137. Do help yourselves.
  138. Does nothing ever worry you?
  139. So you want to be an actress, do you?
  140. So you came up to sit beside me, did you?
  141. He does not speak English very well.
  142. They do not need to talk.
  143. Sydney's new opera house does not have a parking lot.
  144. She did not appear to have done anything.
  145. He doesn't believe in anything.
  146. Did he not have brothers?
  147. I've never done so much work in all my life.
  148. He never did any homework.
  149. I never do see her now.
  150. I never did want a council house.
  151. Some people never do adjust adequately.
  152. We never did find the gauze pad.
  153. There's nothing you can do.
  154. I do not wish to be rude to you but neither do I wish to be rude to Simon.
  155. `Does that mean Yes or No?'*`Neither'.
  156. I do not wish to be rude to you but neither do I wish to be rude to Simon.
  157. They climb rarely and do not have much reason to.
  158. You seldom see that sort of thing these days, do you?
  159. Seldom did a week pass without a request for assessment.
  160. Rarely do local matches live up to expectations.
  161. She did not worry Billy in the least.
  162. You ought to be doing this.
  163. There's nothing I can do about it.
  164. I am sure he can do it.
  165. I shan't get much work done tonight.
  166. He ought not to have done so.
  167. If you can't do it, we'll find someone who can.
  168. I shall do what you suggested.
  169. ...the good old days when everyone could read, write and do arithmetic.
  170. The very first thing I should do would be to teach you how to cook.
  171. They may do exactly as they like.
  172. You shouldn't do that.
  173. You mustn't do that.
  174. Would you do me a favour?
  175. Could you show me how to do this?
  176. I shall not return unless paid to do so.
  177. I'd sooner walk than do any of these things.
  178. Long may they continue to do it.
  179. You ought not to do that.
  180. A more junior member of staff ought to have done the work.
  181. A machine ought to be able to do this.
  182. You do not need to worry.
  183. She did not dare leave the path.
  184. We do not dare examine it.
  185. What did we used to call it?
  186. ...these Westerns that used to do so well in Hollywood.
  187. They didn't used to mind what we did.
  188. Did you used to play with your trains?
  189. I feel heavy. I do. I feel drowsy.
  190. Do you smoke?
  191. In those early chapters, he does keep himself very much in the background.
  192. What am I doing? I'm looking out of the window.
  193. Do you know if she's still playing these days?
  194. Traditionally, the Communist Party does well in local elections.
  195. I shall do everything I can to help you.
  196. What do you think Sally will do?
  197. She won't be able to do it the week after next.
  198. I'm doing my ironing this afternoon.
  199. I would have to do some fast hiking over the hills to reach the rendezvous in time.
  200. You've done well so far, Mrs Rutland.
  201. They didn't know any longer what was funny and what was entertaining.
  202. They don't live together any more.
  203. What does it show us that we haven't already felt?
  204. ...all peers who did not already belong to the Privy Council.
  205. Refer certain types of death to the coroner if this has not already been done.
  206. `When does your term end?'*`First of July'.
  207. If I could have done it at that minute I would have killed him.
  208. Well, she does come in to clean the rooms in the day-time.
  209. Everyone does unusual jobs in wartime.
  210. They have been doing all they can over the past twenty-four hours.
  211. I do the floor after the washing-up.
  212. Do you think we'll get to the top of this canyon by tomorrow?
  213. The sudden death of his father on 17 November 1960 did not find him unprepared.
  214. The men didn't talk much to each other.
  215. Just do some exercises on alternate days at first.
  216. Don't do it again. I mightn't forgive you next time.
  217. You did so well last time.
  218. He's done it before.
  219. When did you last see him?
  220. Mutual help is best done on an hourly basis.
  221. She does not need help with the children during week-ends.
  222. How long does it take on the train?
  223. What an expert can do in minutes may take you hours to accomplish.
  224. `I've been wanting to do this all day,' she said.
  225. My plane does not leave until tomorrow morning.
  226. He did not play well enough throughout the week to deserve to win.
  227. Nevertheless, he does dramatize pretty faithfully this Joan of Arc period.
  228. They did not preach. Consequently, they reached a vastly wider audience.
  229. `I'm going to do it', I said quietly.
  230. He has done well.
  231. They managed to keep his circulation going more successfully than we did.
  232. I have to find out what I can do best.
  233. I know I have to do it this way.
  234. They're doing better in some respects now. Of course they've got to do better still.
  235. This could all be done very much more quickly.
  236. These definitions do not help much.
  237. She gave me the opportunity to do what I wanted to do most.
  238. Why did he not drive to Valence?
  239. Nowhere does Yarkov mention the subject of bribery.
  240. They were getting nowhere and had other things to do.
  241. Mrs Bixby did as she was told.
  242. She wanted someone to talk to as badly as I did.
  243. If you're going to behave like this, the best thing you can do is to go back to bed.
  244. We had to do something in the centre of the town to attract visitors.
  245. The US ought to do everything within reason to encourage General Noriega to leave.
  246. I do not think she suspects me.
  247. `When do you leave?'*`I should be gone now.'*`Well, good-bye, Hamo.'
  248. `What are you doing?' Sarah asked.
  249. `What do they mean,' she demanded, `by a *population problem*?'
  250. I have agreed that he should do it.
  251. He felt that he had to do something.
  252. He wrote me a letter saying that he understood what I was doing.
  253. I asked him what to do.
  254. He began to wonder what he should do now.
  255. It often happens that a mother asks for advice and does not get it.
  256. It was sad that people had reacted in the way they did.
  257. The answer is simply that they are interested in doing it.
  258. The fact that your boss is actually offering to do your job for you should certainly prompt you to question his motives.
  259. The fact that what they are doing is illegal is a trivial irrelevance.
  260. The State is desperately uncertain about what it wants artists to do.
  261. You have no right to keep people off your land unless they are doing damage.
  262. What will I do if he doesn't come?
  263. I didn't like the man who did the gardening for them.
  264. Do people drive their own cars or are they all called for by the bus?
  265. They make allegations which, when you analyse them, do not have too many facts behind them.
  266. When he talks about the Church, he does sound like an outsider.
  267. Once environmental damage is done, it takes many years for the system to recover.
  268. He slept alone, as he had done ever since he left Didcot.
  269. Why should he do me an injury when he has already saved my life?
  270. Sally more or less implied that we did, upon which Howard flew into a great rage.
  271. Adults sometimes do not realize their own strength when dealing with children.
  272. If you do that I shall be very pleased.
  273. Whether you go to a launderette or do your washing at home, the routine is the same.
  274. Even if we do not resort to such dramatic measures, it seems likely that there will be many exciting opportunities in the future.
  275. The best thing to do is to fix up a screen so as to let in the fresh air and keep out the flies.
  276. We are traditional insofar as we do traditional sketches, but we try and do them about original ideas.
  277. Censorship is feeble inasmuch as it does not protect anyone.
  278. The young do not have the money to save and the old are consuming their savings, so it is mainly the middle-aged who are saving.
  279. I must have done something wrong, or else they wouldn't have kept me here.
  280. While I did well in class, I was a poor performer at games.
  281. From the minute he does these things he begins to be a different person, even if he doesn't realize it.
  282. I was never allowed to do things the way I wanted to do them.
  283. I don't understand why he behaves as he does.
  284. I was never allowed to do things the way I wanted to do them.
  285. He was looking at her in a way she did not recognise.
  286. Joyce looked at her the way a lot of girls did.
  287. Surely you don't intend to live by yourself like she does?
  288. It swims above the sea floor just as its ancestors did.
  289. They are endeavouring to disguise this fact much as Jasper Johns did in the late 1950s.
  290. Shortly after the shooting, the man who had done it was arrested.
  291. There was not much that the military men could do.
  292. That's one of the things which Heath, who I do not like, had a clear idea about.
  293. ...the room where I did my homework.
  294. Later he went to New Zealand, where he did all sorts of jobs.
  295. Sometimes you may feel too frail too cope with things, in which case do them as soon as it is convenient.
  296. They did not like what he wrote.
  297. Whatever she does will determine the future of her administration.
  298. What you have to do is to choose five companies to invest in.
  299. I'll do whatever you want.
  300. These wild flowers are so rare I want to do whatever I can to save them.
  301. Do what you like.
  302. You've got to do something in depth in order to understand it.
  303. At one point I made up my mind to go and talk to Uncle Sam. Then I changed my mind, realising that he could do nothing to help.
  304. I did not feel terribly shocked, having expected him to take the easiest way out.
  305. Her eyes glistening with tears, she stood up and asked the Council: `What am I to do?'
  306. He proceeded to light his pipe. That done, he put on his woollen scarf and went out.
  307. `What do you mean by that?' said Hugh, his face pale.
  308. When his appointment ceased he did not return to his home country and he has not been there since 1979.
  309. We will not pay ransom or do deals for hostages.
  310. Was the mine laid in the harbour or did it drift in from the Gulf of Mexico?
  311. Do you think there is something wrong with her? Or do you just not like her?
  312. Do as you are told and you'll be alright.
  313. I felt that the new plant should bear his name, for he, not I, had done the work.
  314. ...programmes which tell the computer to do one thing rather than another.
  315. After you've set your goals, remember them by using a list. Anything that is worth doing should go on this list.
  316. I could do one of two things*obey him or get my own protection. I chose the latter.
  317. More and more people will turn to cheques and credit cards for the majority of their purchases. Many people in the Western world already do the bulk of their purchasing in this way.
  318. `You claim to know this man's identity?'*`I do.'*`You can substantiate this claim?'
  319. `I don't know what we should do about that.' This remark had the effect of totally dumbfounding the audience.
  320. `Martin, what are you going to do?'*`That's a good question, Larry.'
  321. The unemployment in the rural areas is often thought to be due entirely to population growth, and no doubt this is an important factor. But those who hold this view still have to explain why additional people cannot do additional work.
  322. Will that be enough? If so, do not ask for more.
  323. Most of those who signed the letter did so because of her involvement.
  324. She asked him to wait while she considered. He did so.
  325. A signal which should have turned to red failed to do so.
  326. British governments are perfectly capable of improving drinking water quality, and perhaps they should voluntarily have done so before now.
  327. Not only did he fail to admit the impropriety of his behaviour, he actually pretended that he hadn't done any such thing.
  328. I learnt how to kill people with my bare hands. And I'm not proud of the fact that I taught a number of other people to do the same thing.
  329. I don't do a lot of reading but my brother is just the opposite.
  330. He has an excellent record of saying one thing and doing the opposite.
  331. It's really fabulous. Do you think that there are any other comparable tombs left at all?
  332. She had been ashamed of her actions but she had been totally incapable of doing otherwise.
  333. The British have been slow off the mark. They do things differently in America.
  334. Perhaps I shouldn't confess this, but I did on one occasion break the law.
  335. I never did go to Stratford, although I probably should have.
  336. How does the Department of the Environment ensure, as it says it must, that the quality of the operation remains high?
  337. Do farmers still warrant a ministry all to themselves? I think they do.
  338. I think we want it more than they do.
  339. Do farmers still warrant a ministry all to themselves? I think they do.
  340. It would have been nice to have won, and I might have done if my concentration hadn't lapsed.
  341. When these questions are satisfactorily answered I might perhaps view their infantile behaviour more charitably than I have done to date.
  342. `And did it work?'*`No, I'm afraid it didn't.'
  343. Widows receive state benefit; widowers do not.
  344. He could have listened to the radio. He did not.
  345. It makes a click like the lid of a tin may do.
  346. `Do you think that academics have an appreciation of the administrative difficulties of running a University?'*`No, and I don't think they should have.'
  347. No one liked being young then as they do now.
  348. `Do you ever visit a doctor?' I asked her.*`No. We can't afford to.'
  349. You don't get as much bickering on a farm as you do in most jobs.
  350. At last he agreed to do what I asked him to.
  351. `He gets free meals.'*`Does he?'
  352. `Does she drink? Heavily, I mean.'*`Drink? No, she never touches the stuff.'
  353. `Do you think you could keep your mouth shut if I was to tell you something?'*`Definitely.'
  354. `Do you think they're very important?'*`Maybe.'
  355. `How do you feel?'*`Strange.'
  356. `Do you enjoy life at the university?'*`Oh yes, very much.'
  357. `Where do you come from?'*`Cardiff.'
  358. He does half the cooking and so do I.
  359. `I like baked beans.'*`Yes, I do too.'
  360. `I've already talked to Santos.'*`I did too.'
  361. `I can't see how she thinks it's to be done.'*`I can't either.'
  362. `I don't like him.'*`Nor do I.'
  363. `I find that amazing.'*`So do I.'
  364. This can be done reasonably easily. Still, it's not a nice idea.
  365. I was afraid of being done away with.
  366. What he did was get Christopher followed by a private detective.
  367. What Stephen did was to interview a lot of old people.
  368. All he did was shake hands and wish me good luck.
  369. All she ever does is make jam.
  370. What you have to do is to choose five companies to invest in.
  371. What it does is draw out all the vitamins from the body.
  372. It's amazing what some of them would do for a little publicity.
  373. They are, in effect, still trapped in a history which they do not understand.
  374. `Does he do his fair share of the household chores?'*`Oh yes, fortunately for me.'
  375. Luckily for me and them, love did eventually grow and flourish.
  376. `Does he do his fair share of the household chores?'*`Oh yes, fortunately for me.'
  377. Foolishly, we had said we would do the decorating.
  378. Obviously I can't do the whole lot myself.
  379. Even sympathetic observers have said that what he's really doing is protecting his own interests.
  380. I think on the whole we don't do too badly.
  381. What do you sell there anyway?
  382. Actually, I do know why he made the solicitors write that letter.
  383. She did not regret accepting his offer. He was, after all, about the right age.
  384. Above all, do not be too proud to ask for advice.
  385. Believe me, if you get robbed, the best thing to do is forget about it.
  386. It had always been felt that foster parents should make no profit*the job should be done for love alone.
  387. What I'm going to do next I don't quite know.
  388. Rare indeed is the individual who does not belong to one of these groups.
  389. The inevitable conclusion is that man is not responsible for what he does.
  390. `Do you think we could meet? Can you get free?'*`I might be able to.'*`Lovely!'
  391. You didn't know I was an artist, did you?
  392. It doesn't work, does it?
  393. That hardly counts, does it?
  394. `It became stronger, didn't it?'*`Yes it did.'
  395. `You didn't know that, did you?'*`No.'
  396. Oh, he wants us to make films as well, does he?
  397. You fell on your back, did you?
  398. Someone's got to do it, mum.
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