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Storm-affected dog stirs outpouring of sympathy

national January 05, 2019 15:28

By The Nation

Lala, a Thai Bangkaew dog, in Nakhon Si Thammarat provice, has become a sensation on social media after photos of her lying on a chair in rain were posted on a Facebook page.

Her owners were reportedly at a shelter for those affected by tropical storm Pabuk that hit the province on Friday.

Many netizens felt sorry for the dog’s plight, with some criticising her owners for ignoring their pet by leaving her behind. Her photos on Facebook resulted in netizens calling on the authorities to take care of pets affected by the storm.

The owners, however, came out to defend themselves. A Facebook user, Chomsri Pakawat, wrote on Saturday that he had met the owners of Lala and they had explained that they had wanted to take their pet along but but they could not take her to the shelter.


“Lala is a friendly dog, but she could be aloof with strangers, so we could not take her to the shelter,” they told Chomsri.

They told Chomsri that before leaving, they had arranged a chair for her to take refuge in case of flooding. They said they were worried about her but could do nothing. They learned about the dog’s photos through a social network platform, so the husband went to look for Lala on Friday night.

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