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Greeting Your Friend

How’s it going? 
How’re you going?
How are things?
Alright, yeah? – used more in the UK
Hi mate! – UK, Aust (usually said to a guy)
What’s up! – common in the USA 
Joey from TV’s Friends often asks:
How’re you doing?!

To a group of guys or girls, you can say:
Hi everyone!
Hey guys! – this is used even when greeting a group of girls nb “Hey ladies” is not said much, though “Hey girls!” is ok

When you haven’t seen your friend for a while you can ask:
How have you been?
It’s been ages since I saw you

Asking How Your Friend’s Day Is Going

Had a good day? – say this with upward intonation
Good day? – also say this with upward intonation
What’s new?

Starting The Interaction Based On How They Seem To Be Feeling

Your friend might seem to be in a great mood or indeed might not be smiling as much as usual. In this case, it might help to ‘check in’ with how they’re feeling, depending on how well you know them:

You seem a great mood today
Looks like you’ve.. had a good day
You seem a bit tired | stressed | distracted

On a related note, it’s possible your friend might be down if it’s a rainy or very cloudy day:
Crappy day, isn’t it? – ‘crappy’ is a slang word for ‘very bad’ 
Weather sucks, doesn’t it? 
This weather sure does suck! 
Can’t believe this rain!

Saying How You’re Feeling

Couldn’t be better
Pretty good | tired
A bit tired 
Things are great | so-so | alright, I guess

 Asking Your Friend About Their Favourite Team 

Often sport comes up in conversation:
Hey did you catch the game | match last night?
The Hawks are doing great, aren’t they?!
They’re playing great | terribly this year 
Who do you think’ll win this weekend?

 Asking Your Friend About Something You Both Know

So, how are things with..Marketa
So, how’s it going with..Marketa | work | your boss?
So, how did it go with that girl | guy ..?
So, how did.. the conference | your job ..interview go?
Are you still working at Honza’s Sex Shop?

Likewise, you can ask your friend about how their family are going: 

How are the folks? 
How’s your dad | mum going?
Say ‘hi’ to your folks for me!

Using ‘SO’ Can Help Make The Conversation Flow

So, how have you been?! 
So what’s new? 
So do you fancy a drink? 
So did you get the job?
Sooo, I guess I better run | go

Giving Your Friend Surprising News

You’ll never guess – I’m marrying Tereza!
You won’t believe this – I got the job!
Have you heard – Ralph’s marrying Premek!

Responding To Surprising News

No way! 
You’re kidding! 
You’re joking!
That’s terrific | terrible | shocking!
I can’t believe that!

When You Don’t Feel Comfortable With A Particular Topic 

For example, perhaps you just lost your job, and your friend asks how things are going at work:
That’s the thing – I’m now looking for a new job.

If you don’t want to talk about the topic at all, you can make a general statement and then throw it back to your friend: 

I’m not really sure what to say. What about you?
Could be better, but not to worry. And you?
I’m sure things’ll get better soon.
How are things at your end?
Not good. What about you?

note: Some people might just say things are fine, and then move on to another topic: 
Things are fine. 
I’m sure I’ll manage fine.
Yeah, you know how it is.

Making A Suggestion

Let’s go out tonight. What do you reckon?
How about we go to the cinema?
How about going to the pub?
You can also use:
What about..?

Responding To A Suggestion To Meet Up

When you’re sure you can come:
Sounds good
Great, see you then!
Cool, see you there!

When you’re not sure yet:
Maybe, I’m not sure yet
Let me get back to you

When you can’t come:
I can’t, sorry, I have something else on.
Sorry, I can’t.
(Sorry), I’m really busy right now.

Closing The Conversation 

Sorry, gotta goI’ve got a meeting | a date
Well, guess I’d better go 
Well, better be off
Hey let’s catch up next week

Closing Salutation

Take it easy! 
Catch you later! 
Later ‘bro – more in the USA 
See you later! 
Take care! 
Alright, later mate! – more in the UK, Aust. 

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