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แปลข่าวรายวัน Bangkok Post: 19 มีค .56

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เชิญร่วมสนุก แปลข่าวรายวัน Bangkok Post โดย...
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 Diesel tax exemption extended again

19 Mar 2013 : The cabinet has extended the term of the diesel excise tax reduction of 0.005 baht per litre for another month, until April 30, government spokesman Thossaporn Sereerak said on Tuesday.

คณะรัฐมนตรีได้ขยายช่วงเวลาของการลดภาษีสรรพสามิตน้ำมันดีเซลลิตรละ 0.005 บาตร ต่อไปอีก 1 เดือนจนถึงวันที่ 30 เมษายน โฆษกรัฐบาล ทศพร เสรีรักษ์ กล่าวเมื่อวันอังคาร


Line app message led to drug bust

19 Mar 2013 : Police traced a text message from a convicted drug dealer and were able to arrested four suspects and seize about 30,000 methamphetamine pills and four kilogrammes of crystal methamphetamine at their hideout, aPost Today report said.

ตำรวจได้ตรวจข้อความที่ส่งมาจากผู้ค้ายาเสพติดซึ่งถูกตัดสินโทษ และทำให้สามารถจับผู้ต้องหาได้ 4 คนพร้อมยาบ้าประมาณ 30,000 เม็ดและยาไอซ์อีก 4 กก. ณ ที่ซ่อนตัว โพสต์ทูเดย์ รายงาน


Prayuth: Tob Jote topic inappropriate

19 Mar 2013 : The airing on Monday night by PBS television of the final part of the controversial Tob Jote political talk show series on the monarchy was not illegal, but it was inappropriate, army chief Prayuth Chan-ocha said on Tuesday.

การออกอากาศเมื่อคืนวันจันทร์โดยสถานีโทรทัศน์ พีบีเอส. รายการสนทนาการเมือง ตอนสุดท้ายของชุด “ตอบโจทย์” ซึ่งมีเนื้อหาที่เป็นข้อขัดแย้งเกี่ยวกับพระมหากษัตริย์ ไม่ได้ผิดกฏหมาย แต่ไม่เหมาะสม ผู้บัญชาการทหารบก ประยุทธ์ จันทร์โอชา กล่าวเมื่อวันอังคาร


Yingluck aims to develop PNG ties

19 Mar 2013 : Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra travels to Oceania this week with the goal of establishing Papua New Guinea as Thailand's number one trading partner in the Pacific Islands.


Product promotion angers tired commuters

19 Mar 2013 : Hundreds of angry commuters eager to get home pushed and shoved, and berated the organisers of a product promotion that caused a huge pedestrian jam in the heart of Bangkok during the Monday evening rush hour.


Serial thieves arrested

19 Mar 2013 : Two men suspected of a spate of thefts have been arrested, Bangkok police said on Tuesday.


Car exports rise in February

19 Mar 2013 : A total of 94,527 vehicles were exported in February, up 22.26% on February 2012, and an increase of 9.03% on January, Surapong Paisitpatanapong, spokesman for the Automotive Industry Club, said on Thursday.


Bank driver arrested for stealing B9m

19 Mar 2013 : CHIANG MAI - Police on Tuesday arrested a suspect in the theft of nine million baht from a Krungthai Bank cash delivery van in Chiang Mai province earlier this month.


NSC: Time not right for amnesty bills

19 Mar 2013 : The time is not yet right for amnesty and reconciliation bills to be moved up for deliberation in the House of Representatives because doing so could lead to an escalation of the conflict in society, National Security Council secretary-general Paradorn Pattanathabutr said on Tuesday.


TISI down on wage hike, strong baht

19 Mar 2013 : The Thai Industries Sentiment Index (TISI) was down from 97.3 in January to 95.5 in February, Payungsak Chartsuthipol, chairman of the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI), said on Tuesday.


Theera new Chartthaipattana leader

19 Mar 2013 : Theera Wongsamut, former agriculture and cooperatives minister, was elected the new leader of Chartthaipattana Party on Tuesday, reports said.


Scholars call for reform in courts

19 Mar 2013 : Thai society needs to resurrect the question of coup-related legal consequences, particularly those undermining respect for people's rights, scholars and progressive red-shirt and Nitirat members told a university forum.


Scholars call for reform in courts

19 Mar 2013 : Thai society needs to resurrect the question of coup-related legal consequences, particularly those undermining respect for people's rights, scholars and progressive red-shirt and Nitirat members told a university forum.


Gold prices down 100 baht

19 Mar 2013 : The Gold Traders Association this morning announced the buying prices at 21,921.36 baht per baht-weight for gold ornaments and 22,250 baht per baht-weight for gold bar.


Nakhon Phanom 'happiest' province

19 Mar 2013 : Residents of Nakhon Phanom, Phichit, Trang, Chaiyaphum and Krabi are the happiest people in the country, according to a National Statistical Office (NSO) survey. The NSO surveyed the happiness level of 80,000 participants aged above 15 nationwide last year.

NZ ready to welcome Yingluck

19 Mar 2013 : New Zealand Prime Minister John Key said on Monday he is looking forward to talks this week with Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, especially on growing trade.

Public-private JV bill under attack

19 Mar 2013 : A group of senators will ask the Constitution Court to derail the new public-private partnership (PPP) bill that could enable the government to work with private operators on infrastructure projects without parliament scrutiny.



BoT chairman raises alarm of property, capital bubble

19 Mar 2013 : Foreign capital inflows have put the economy at risk of financial and property sector bubbles which could burst by year's end, Virabongsa Ramangkura, chairman of the Bank of Thailand board, has warned.



Lawmakers to table 3charter bills

19 Mar 2013 : About 60 senators have agreed to submit three bills to amend the constitution by sections to parliament tomorrow.



Experts slam flaw in trafficking law

19 Mar 2013 : Anti-human trafficking legislation has failed to protect migrants who pay trafficking gangs to smuggle them into Thailand illegally, human rights activists say.



Sukhothai open uni gears up for AEC

19 Mar 2013 : Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University (STOU) has developed its first international programmes to prepare students for the advent of the Asean Economic Community in 2015.


Journalist puts troops in clear

19 Mar 2013 : A French journalist insisted yesterday that a military unit which he followed during the army's crackdown on red-shirt protesters in 2010 was not responsible for the deaths of six people at Wat Pathumwanaram.


Shinawatras buy minor slice of PTT

19 Mar 2013 : The family of exiled former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra has acquired some shares in energy giant PTT Plc, but only a minor stake without management control, a company executive says.


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