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แปลข่าวรายวัน Bangkok Post: 8 มีค .56

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Rare comet visible until March 17

08 Mar 2013 : The National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (Narit) is encouraging peopleto try to catch a glimpse of an approaching comet that will be visible to the naked eye only once in a lifetime.


Police suspect bank staff of cash theft

08 Mar 2013 : CHIANG MAI - Police are seeking arrest warrants for three Krungthai Bank employees who filed a complaint saying nine million baht in cash was stolen from their armoured van on Wednesday.


Gold prices unchanged

08 Mar 2013 : The Gold Traders Association this morning announced the buying prices at 21,875.88 baht per baht-weight for gold ornaments and 22,200 baht per baht-weight for gold bar.


Pao Sarasin dies at 83

08 Mar 2013 : Former deputy prime minister Pao Sarasin died at Siriraj Hospital on Thursday night. He was 83.



Navy rejects killings report

08 Mar 2013 : The Royal Thai Navy yesterday rejected a report by Hong Kong's South China Morning Post that members of the Thai navy shot dead at least two and as many as 15 Rohingya migrants in the sea off Phuket on Feb 22.


China frets over Thai plan to regulate trade in phayung trees

08 Mar 2013 : China yesterday voiced concerns that the proposed listing of phayung trees in Appendix II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites) could reduce their supply.



Granny wins B1m soil salt suit

08 Mar 2013 : NAKHON RATCHASIMA : The Court of Appeal's ruling to award 1 million baht in compensation to an 86-year-old rice farmer has encouraged other rice growers affected by salt water from shrimp and salt farms to take legal action.


Activists warn of migrant women woes

08 Mar 2013 : Spousal abuse and unwanted pregnancy are serious problems in migrant worker communities in Thailand.


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