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ศึกษา tense กับข่าว Bangkok Post

[1.1]=present simple tnse

[1.3]=present perfect tense

[2.1]=past simple tense


 Disabled learn self-help
People with physical disabilities often find it hard to make a living [1.1]. At the Redemptorist Foundation in Pattaya the disabled are trained as bakers [1.1] , so they can earn their 'daily bread'. [1.1]

Lottery sales dive despite cheap tickets
While lottery ticket prices have been stabilised under government orders [1.3],  lottery sales have plummeted [1.3] , vendors say [1.1].

Top al-Qaeda chief killed by drone
SANA'A, Yemen - Al-Qaeda confirmed Wednesday [2.1] that a CIA drone strike killed Nasir al-Wuhayshi [2.1] , its second-in-command and the head of its powerful Yemeni branch.

SEA Games ends with tribute to quake victims
       Singaporean President Tony Tan officially declared [2.1] the Games over after Tan Chuan-Jin, the president of the SEA Games Federation, delivered an emotional closing speech [2.1] , paying tribute to the victims of the Mount Kinabalu earthquake in nearby Borneo.
       Eighteen people, including a teacher and eight Singaporean primary school children died [2.1] in the quake, which occurred [2.1] on June 5, the same day as the Opening Ceremony for the SEA Games.

Japan lowers voting age to 18
Japan's parliament passed legislation Wednesday [2.1] to lower the voting age to the international norm of 18 from 20 at present in its biggest election system reform in 70 years.

South Korea court rules in favor of gay pride parade
SEOUL - South Korea's gay pride organisers have won a court battle [1.3] against conservatives and police seeking to block their parade celebrating sexual minorities late this month, they said Wednesday [2.1] .

Section 44 to tackle youth street racers
Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha approved [2.1] in principle the use of Section 44 of the interim constitution to tackle juvenile street motorcycle racing, Justice Minister Paiboon Koomchaya said. [2.1]

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