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TOEIC คำที่ 3101 - 3200

3101 insult n. affront; offense; rude remark or action
3102 diversification n. process of becoming varied; sale of a variety of products and services
3103 scan n. close examination; scrutinizing look
3104 advice n. counsel; guidance; specific information; hint
3105 means n. method; way; medium; resources; funds
3106 timeliness n. punctuality
3107 deposit n. sum of money that has been put in a bank for safekeeping; partial payment; pledge
3108 chapter n. part of a book; phase; stage; local branch of an organization
3109 account n. business arrangement; client; funds deposited in a bank
3110 veil n. netting attached to a woman's hat
3111 postmaster n. mail manager, person responsible for managing electronic mail on a network (Computers)
3112 deed of surrender n. a legal document that temporarily transfers a property from one individual to another
3113 mend v. to repair; to improve; to be improved
3114 fall off v. to separate; to be separated; to decrease; to become smaller
3115 consultant n. advisor (adviser); counselor; coach; person who gives professional advice
3116 rise n. slope; incline; increase; ascent; raise in position or status; promotion; angry response
3117 import n. brining in of goods from another country; opposite of export; meaning; significance
3118 exclusive n. news story publicized in only a newspaper or television/radio station
3119 outside n. external part or surface of something
3120 hurry v. to make haste; to rush; to urge; to prod; to dash
3121 crate n. wooden box; old car; old plane
3122 guide n. instructor; director; escort; leader; manual; handbook
3123 reinforcement n. act of strengthening; reward or punishment designed to encourage or discourage a particular response
3124 territory n. region; district; zone; area; domain
3125 applicant n. candidate; nominee
3126 premises n. property; site; area; grounds; building with the grounds belonging to it
3127 particular adj. special; unusual; detailed; precise; pedantic; strict
3128 profusion n. plentifulness; abundance; numerousness; plurality
3129 plane n. type of aircraft; two-dimensional surface; rank; level
3130 worry n. concern; fear; misfortune; distress
3131 tremendous adj. very great in numbers; huge; powerful
3132 discussion n. debate; conversation; talk; dispute; argument
3133 vacation n. holiday
3134 overlap n. something that is superimposed
3135 inbound adj. traveling in an inward direction
3136 photographer n. cameraman; person who takes pictures
3137 strike v. to temporarily cease working as a protest; to impress
3138 aid v. to help; to assist
3139 mind v. to pay attention to; to supervise; to regret; to oppose; to remember; to notice
3140 dial n. rotatable disk on a telephone
3141 unit n. specific quantity regarded as a standard; combination which acts a whole; piece
3142 maximum n. greatest quantity or amount possible; highest capacity
3143 brochure n. leaflet; booklet; printed product information
3144 command n. order; direction; control; domination; headquarters
3145 conversation n. talk; dialog; discussion; verbal exchange
3146 mall n. shopping center; pedestrian walkway; promenade
3147 reply n. answer; response
3148 harness n. straps and other parts by which a draft animal is attached to a vehicle
3149 kind n. type; sort; class; group of things which are classed together because of their similarities
3150 mortgage n. conditional conveyance of property as for security on a loan; pledging; lien
3151 credit v. to believe; to have faith in; to supply goods by deferred payment
3152 scramble v. to jumble; to mix together confusedly; to clamber; to climb on all fours
3153 warehouse v. to store in a large building
3154 coal n. fuel made from carbon; cinder; ember
3155 concur v. to agree; to harmonize; to coincide; to collaborate; to consent
3156 omission n. deletion; negligence; failure; default
3157 guarantee v. to vouch for; to give a warranty; to assure; to promise
3158 preventive n. safeguard; something used to avert an unwanted situation
3159 portfolio n. briefcase; attache case; list of securities and stocks
3160 lead v. to conduct; to guide; to direct; to influence
3161 nurse n. medical caretaker (especially in a hospital under the supervision of a doctor)
3162 guarantee n. security; warranty; pledge; assurance
3163 relationship n. connection; association; closeness
3164 subscription n. payment given for regularly scheduled performances or publications
3165 dealer n. supplier; seller; merchant; agent; sales representative
3166 puzzle n. enigma; riddle; game; jigsaw
3167 sway n. moving back and forth; influence; control; authority
3168 tense n. inflection; verbal 'time'
3169 instrument n. tool; implement; device; appliance; agent; means
3170 property n. possessions; belongings; estate; assets; ownership
3171 photo pref. of light
3172 link n. connection; relation; association; one ring of a chain; ring
3173 vegetarian n. one who does not eat meat; herbivore
3174 available adj. ready for use; attainable; present; vail
3175 loyal adj. faithful; true to one's obligations
3176 downsizing n. bringing something down to a smaller scale; lowering expenses
3177 profuse adj. plentiful; abundant; generous; extravagant; wasteful
3178 subside v. to descend; to decline; to abate; to lessen
3179 nurse v. to breast-feed; to suckle; to provide medical care; to take care of
3180 attendant n. steward; stewardess; person who serves others; person who accompanies others
3181 range n. pasture; scope; extent; field; domain; assortment
3182 service n. act of providing; act of offering; work; labor; function; role; offer
3183 impression n. strong feeling or idea left by an experience; effect; vague memory
3184 track n. lane; path; signs; trails; channel
3185 semester n. one of the two periods of an academic year (usually 15-18 weeks)
3186 adult n. opposite of child; a grown-up; a mature person
3187 plug n. cork; stopper; electrical connector; block; advertisement
3188 reverse n. opposite; contrary; back side; rear; setback; defeat
3189 intelligence n. ability to reason and understand; cleverness; brilliance; information
3190 extension n. expansion; branch of a telephone network; supplement; reprieve
3191 effort n. physical or mental exertion; labor; attempt; organized operation
3192 quarter n. one fourth; neighborhood; coin worth 25 cents; period of three months; district
3193 environmental adj. pertaining to the world and nature around us
3194 tailor n. one who makes or alters garments
3195 promotional adj. of publicizing; of advancement; of encouragement; of fostering; of an enterprise
3196 quality n. degree of excellence; characteristic; attribute; character; excellence
3197 alternate v. to interchange; to take turns; to rotate; to substitute
3198 moral adj. ethical; virtuous; righteous; principled; having integrity
3199 graph n. diagram; chart
3200 target n. mark; objective; aim; object; goal
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