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TOEIC คำที่ 2801 - 2900

2801 mandate n. command; order; authorization granted from one body to a subordinate body
2802 accuracy n. preciseness; exactness
2803 voyage n. trip; journey; travel; cruise
2804 banknote n. bill; money made of paper
2805 appointment n. official date; meeting; interview; nomination
2806 hyphen n. short dash; short line used to connect or separate words or syllables (-)
2807 format n. structure; pattern; design; organization; pattern of data organization
2808 itinerary n. route; travel plans; travel journal
2809 draw n. attraction; lottery; contest which ends in a tie; natural channel; gully
2810 default n. failure to perform a duty; option on a computer which is automatically selected
2811 falter v. to hesitate; to stumble; to sway; to totter; to be unstable
2812 communication n. exchange of information or ideas; transfer; passing along; letter; message
2813 powerful adj. exerting great force; effective; potent; producing the desired effect; influential
2814 output n. yield; product; manufacture; information sent out from a computer
2815 particularly adv. especially; specifically
2816 damage v. to cause harm; to cause injury; to destroy partly
2817 streamline v. to make more efficient; to organize; to simplify
2818 except conj. but; only
2819 exist v. to live; to be
2820 major n. military rank above captain; main subject of study chosen by a college or university student
2821 catering n. business of supplying and servicing food
2822 negotiator n. person who participates in a bargaining session
2823 ignorance n. lack of knowledge; illiteracy; lack of education; state of being uninformed
2824 layer n. thickness of some material that covers a surface; covering; bed; stratum
2825 grocer n. person who owns and operates a food store
2826 vat n. large container; tank; tub
2827 obsolete adj. ancient; archaic; no longer in use; outdated; useless
2828 remark v. to notice; to observe; to comment; to state; to say
2829 fold n. bend; crease; depression in the ground; hollow between two hills; yard
2830 information n. knowledge; intelligence; data
2831 leisure n. time free from work other demands and duties; free time; rest; recreation
2832 prospect n. chance; probability of advancement or success; hope; promise
2833 bill n. banknote; invoice; proposed law
2834 entry n. opening; record; information or item in a book, dictionary, catalog, list, directory, etc.
2835 interviewer n. person who ask questions (i.e. reporter or employer)
2836 entertain v. to interest; to amuse; to host
2837 prejudice v. to express a preconceived opinion; to express one's biases
2838 treatment n. therapy; care; relation; attitude; behavior
2839 infant n. baby; very young child; toddler; tot; minor
2840 lumber n. trees that have been sawed into rough planks; useless items that been put in storage
2841 penalty n. punishment; fine; punishment in the form of a financial payment
2842 adjustment n. adaption; settlement of an insurance claim
2843 commitment n. obligation; promise
2844 airport n. place used by planes for takeoff and landing
2845 generation n. production; creating; group of people born around the same time
2846 size n. spatial dimension; measurement; extent; degree
2847 aid n. help; assistance; accessory
2848 area n. region; domain; field; category
2849 simple n. stupid person substance unmixed with other substances; commoner
2850 caution n. notice; warning; caveat; carefulness; premonition
2851 border n. boundary; edge; limit
2852 revere v. to respect deeply; to honor greatly
2853 correlation n. mutual connection (between two or more things); similarity; parallel
2854 expire v. to come to an end; to finish; to terminate
2855 interpret v. to explain; to clarify; to elucidate; to understand or explain in a particular way
2856 describe v. to illustrate; to explain; to characterize; to elucidate
2857 franchise n. license to market a company's goods or services; business which has been granted a license
2858 characteristic adj. typical; distinctive
2859 store n. shop; place where merchandise is sold; supply of goods or materials set aside for future use
2860 yearly adv. annually
2861 expertise n. proficiency; skill; specialist knowledge and information
2862 novelty n. innovation; something new; discovery
2863 aisle n. passage; walkway (between rows of seats or shelves)
2864 indulgence n. act of giving in to desire; something which gratifies; luxury; leniency
2865 surface n. exterior or upper boundary of a thing; external part or layer; outward appearance
2866 aging schedule n. a list of accounts receivable
2867 line n. long thin mark; row; border; domain; tactic
2868 necessity n. obligation; need; requirement
2869 implication n. consequence; outcome; result; indirect suggestion; connotation; hint
2870 take n. amount collected at one time; income; proceeds; profits (Informal)
2871 outside adj. external; of the outdoors; from the outdoors; maximal
2872 sympathy n. affinity; compassion; pity; concern; empathy
2873 contract v. to create a formal agreement; to bind legally; to obtain
2874 elevation n. height of something; altitude above sea or ground level; raising; lifting up; grandeur
2875 appliance n. tool; gadget; device; apparatus
2876 come across v. to happen upon; to find by chance; to discover; to see
2877 mean n. midpoint; middle; equally far from two extremes; average
2878 pick up n. hoe; tool used to spread soil; choice; selection
2879 proof v. to make resistant; to make impervious; to edit
2880 cover n. insurance; shelter; casing; front; lid
2881 inspector n. person whose job it is to supervise and examine; police officer ranking below a superintendent
2882 simulation n. act of pretending; counterfeit; imitation of the operation or features of one system using an other system
2883 delivery n. distribution; liberation; transference
2884 conclusion n. end; deduction; cognition; final decision
2885 pursuit n. chase; quest; search; occupation; pastime
2886 readiness n. preparedness; willingness; promptness; quickness
2887 idea n. concept; thought; opinion; intention; plan
2888 car n. automobile; elevator; vehicle; ride
2889 application n. software program; written request; formal letter; implementation
2890 expense n. cost; price; payment
2891 associate n. partner; fellow worker; co-worker; friend
2892 proper adj. correct; suitable; just; complete
2893 assignment n. task; duty; responsibility; role; obligation
2894 intensify v. to increase; to strengthen; to heighten
2895 look forward to v. to anticipate gladly
2896 library n. place where one can borrow books
2897 famous adj. well-known; excellent; wonderful
2898 bound v. to jump; to leap
2899 base v. to establish; to found; to set up; to place on
2900 perennial n. something that continues for many years
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