TOEIC คำที่ 601 - 700

601 growth n. development; progress
602 accordance n. conformity; agreement; coordination; suitability
603 field n. area; domain; range; piece of land; surface
604 nominee n. person who has been appointed; candidate
605 landscaper n. person who designs gardens or large areas
606 apparatus n. device; system; machine; gadget; appliance
607 fair n. festival; exhibition; show; market; bazaar
608 specialty n. distinguishing mark; unique ability; area of expertise
609 fellow n. friend; member of an academic organization; suitor
610 anniversary n. yearly date commemorating a special event; birthday
611 abound v. to be plentiful; to be filled with; to overflow with
612 accrue v. to compile; to increase; to accumulate; to grow
613 cash v. to exchange a check (or another money order) for coins and bank notes; to redeem
614 finance v. to raise money for; to provide with funds; to fund; to pay for
615 repair v. to fix; to mend; to correct a problem or malfunction
616 task v. to give assignments; to overburden; to strain
617 form v. to shape; to create; to design; to arrange; to be created
618 pioneer v. to pave the way; to create a path; to guide; to initiate; to originate
619 pounce v. to fall on; to storm; to invade; to attack; to seize; to assault
620 profit v. to earn income; to make financial gains; to be of service; to be beneficial
621 part adj. somewhat
622 observe v. to watch; to study; to monitor; to supervise; to discern
623 threat n. expression of intent to damage or injure; intimidation; danger
624 bargain v. to negotiate; to arrive at an agreement
625 willingness n. readiness; agreeableness
626 barbed wire n. metal cord with sharp projecting points
627 interfere v. to impede; to obstruct; to hinder; to meddle
628 document n. certificate; written file
629 article v. to bind with a contract
630 ill n. trouble; misfortune; evil; harm; disease; sickness
631 ill adj. sick; bad; unfriendly; unsatisfactory; inadequate; inferior
632 grateful adj. thankful; appreciative; expressing thanks
633 audio adj. pertaining to hearing and listening; sound
634 modest adj. humble; unpretentious; unassuming; simple; limited
635 introductory adj. preliminary; beginning
636 elevator n. lift; mechanical apparatus for moving people or items from floor to floor within a building
637 savvy adj. experienced; knowledgeable (Slang)
638 commercial adj. pertaining to business; pertaining to buying and selling
639 substitute adj. acting as a replacement
640 record adj. comprising the best result ever attained
641 progress n. headway; forward movement; development; advancement
642 commodity n. merchandise; goods; item that is bought and sold; something useful
643 shareholder n. person or organization that owns part of a company
644 resignation n. act of quitting a position; letter stating that one quits a position; relinquishment
645 requirement n. something that is demanded; necessity; something that is needed
646 asset n. something of value (property, equipment, goods, etc.); item of quality; something beneficial
647 hospital n. location where sick and injured people receive medical treatment
648 dot n. spot; speck; part (the point) in an Internet web address
649 back n. part of a chair; rear part of the human body
650 key n. device used to open locks; button on a board
651 excel v. to be talented; to do very well; to surpass; to do better than
652 install v. to set up for use; to put in (i.e. machinery); to establish in an office or position
653 interest v. to cause to become involved in; to arouse curiosity
654 entitle v. to give a heading or name to (i.e. a book, painting, etc.); to grant a right; to claim something
655 ensure v. to make certain; to guarantee; to make secure
656 renew v. to restore to good condition; to restart; to resume; to refresh
657 salvage v. to save from destruction; to rescue
658 share v. to divide; to apportion; to receive a portion; to participate
659 market v. to sell; to trade or deal; to distribute; to promote
660 bias v. to prejudice; to influence opinions
661 fluency n. ability to speak and write easily; eloquence; articulateness; gracefulness
662 repetition n. reiteration; act of redoing something
663 profitable adj. lucrative; paying; rewarding; beneficial; producing income
664 leverage v. to use one's influence to affect people or circumstances
665 perhaps adv. maybe; possibly; could be
666 currency n. national money of a country; circulation; custom; prevalence
667 excellent adj. superior; extraordinary; outstanding
668 rival adj. being in competition; contending
669 above adv. overhead; over; in a higher place
670 diverse adj. different; varied
671 changeable adj. arbitrary; fickle; flexible
672 pleased adj. content; satiated; having one's desires satisfied
673 compliant adj. obedient; submissive; obliging; yielding; acquiescent
674 recent adj. new; fresh; late; of late times
675 tight adj. close-fitting; tense; narrow
676 uncertain adj. doubtful; not reliable; ambiguous
677 key adj. important; significant; fundamental; necessary; crucial
678 gross adj. inclusive; complete; total; general; without deductions
679 pertinent adj. relevant; related; appropriate; fitting
680 lucrative adj. profitable; yielding monetary rewards; gainful
681 competitor n. rival; (i.e. Coca Cola and Pepsi); person who participates in a contest
682 outlet n. exit; electrical source for connecting appliances; store; shop; joint
683 frank n. mark or signature which allows a letter or package to be sent free of charge
684 repo n. agreement in which the seller of securities agrees to buy them back at a specified time and price
685 chef n. professional cook; head cook in a restaurant of hotel
686 audience n. group of people who attend a seminar, a talk, etc.
687 season n. one of the four quarters of the year (winter, spring, summer, autumn)
688 name adj. reputed; famous
689 constant n. number with a fixed value; factor
690 composition n. make-up; constitution; essay
691 key v. to fit; to adapt; to adjust; to tune; to supply with an explanatory device
692 consume v. to eat or drink; to use up; to destroy
693 loom v. to appear as a large and indistinct form; to appear as larger than life; to impend
694 swap v. to exchange one thing for another; to trade; to barter
695 innovator n. person who makes changes; person who introduces new methods or procedures; creative person
696 belief n. opinion; creed; religion; faith; conviction
697 cause v. to make happen; to bring about
698 disappear v. to go out of sight; to become extinct; to cease to exist; to vanish
699 compromise v. to establish an agreement; to settle a dispute
700 refuse v. to decline; to deny; to reject