TOEIC คำที่ 301 - 400

301 consciously adv. knowingly; with awareness
302 either adv. also; too; as well
303 abroad adv. in another country; outside; widely
304 abreast adv. side by side; in alignment; on top of; up-to-date; well-informed
305 usually adv. commonly; generally; regularly
306 evaluation n. appraisal; estimation; assessment
307 regardless adv. without consideration for possible problems; anyway; in any case
308 slantwise adv. at an angle; obliquely; in a slanting direction
309 overhead adv. from above; above; in the sky
310 instead adv. in place of; as a replacement
311 overseas adj. foreign; abroad
312 ambitious adj. aspiring; desirous of success; requiring great effort
313 permeate v. to enter; to penetrate; to infiltrate; to suffuse
314 proof adj. resistant; invulnerable; impervious; sealed; durable
315 vital adj. lively; vigorous; crucial; critical; necessary
316 enlarge v. to become bigger; to expand
317 extend v. to stretch; to enlarge; to lengthen; to reach out
318 interpreter n. person who translates from one language to another (orally); person how clarifies; commentator
319 institute n. foundation; organization which provides a certain service or supports a particular cause
320 reach v. to arrive; to obtain; to procure; to extend the arm outward
321 opposite adj. facing; across from; contrary; reverse; different; antithetical
322 inherent adj. intrinsic; existing as a natural and integral part; natural; inborn
323 idle adj. lazy; vain; unoccupied; unemployed
324 unlimited adj. infinite; boundless
325 offing n. distant part of the sea visible from the shore; remote place far from the shore; high seas
326 revolve v. to rotate; to turn; to spin; to encircle; to think about; to contemplate
327 alert adj. ready; attentive; quick; agile
328 fine adj. delicate; thin; flimsy; handsome; top-quality; excellent
329 obligatory adj. binding; compelling; must be done; necessary
330 inclusive adj. containing; comprehensive; all-embracing; extensive; taking in
331 tow n. act of dragging or pulling with a rope or chain
332 criterion n. standard against which something is measured; factor; discipline
333 keep n. wages; living; stronghold
334 blunder n. gross error; stupid mistake
335 bankruptcy n. state of losing property to one's creditor's due to unpaid debts; insolvency
336 adjustable rate n. an interest percentage that changes over time
337 market n. demand for goods or services; rate of purchase and sale; fair
338 age n. period; era; generation
339 experience n. knowledge obtained by doing; something that one has lived through
340 compatible n. piece of equipment which can be used with other machines without alternation
341 demonstrate v. to present; to show or illustrate something through example, or physical demonstrations
342 angle v. to bend; to turn sharply in a different direction
343 treat v. to relate to; to deal with; to process; to pay for
344 harmonize v. to agree; to reconcile; to be in concert with
345 wrong v. to cause suffering to; to behave unjustly toward
346 collect v. to gather; to garner; to assemble; to accumulate; to take payments
347 subject adj. under the rule of; subordinate; exposed to; liable to; conditional
348 pitch v. to establish; to erect; to throw; to toss
349 garner v. to collect; to gather; to accumulate; to store; to place in reserve
350 peddle v. to hawk; to vend; to deal; to distribute; to sell
351 initially adv. at first; in the first place; at the beginning
352 solely adv. only; exclusively; merely
353 randomly adv. accidentally; by chance
354 ahead adv. forward; in advance
355 originally adv. at first; in the first place; in a unique manner
356 twice adv. doubly
357 interest n. concern; affair; percentage on a loan which is paid over time
358 further adv. to a greater distance; more; in addition
359 throughout adv. in every; during
360 ill adv. with difficulty; barely; scarcely; poorly; improperly
361 determine v. to decide; to define; to conclude; to cause; to affect
362 perennial adj. lasting throughout the whole year; continuing for many years; perpetual; everlasting
363 benchmark n. criterion; measure; point of reference for comparison
364 event n. occurrence; happening; contest; campaign; promotion
365 conviction n. acknowledgment; strong persuasion or belief; condemnation
366 assortment n. variety; collection; selection; range; mixture
367 anger n. rage; fury
368 innovation n. introduction of something new; change; new method or practice
369 refund v. to return money; to reimburse; to repay; to finance again
370 quarterly adv. four times a year; once every three months
371 exclusive adj. sole; limited to a selected few; incompatible; fashionable; unique
372 sincere adj. honest; truthful; frank; straightforward; genuine; earnest
373 pocket adj. small; of a pouch
374 ideal adj. perfect; imaginary; excellent; best; exemplary
375 thorough adj. comprehensive; complete; finished
376 actual adj. substantial; real; tangible; current
377 robust adj. strong; healthy
378 inanimate adj. lifeless; spiritless
379 dynamic adj. forceful; energetic; vigorous; spirited; alive
380 principal adj. chief; head; leading; primary; main
381 journal n. newspaper; magazine; diary; blog; bookkeeping ledger
382 motive n. something that causes a person to act; cause; incentive; purpose; intention
383 complaint n. finding fault; act of expressing displeasure; pleading entered by a plaintiff (Law)
384 duty n. obligation; responsibility; assignment; customs tax
385 location n. place; position; situation; site; spot
386 disposition n. character; nature; trait; arrangement; placement
387 influx n. inflow; inward flow; place where a stream flows into another body of water
388 salvage n. act of rescuing; rescued items
389 initial n. beginning letter of a person's first name; first letter (as of a word)
390 approval n. confirmation; endorsement; positive opinion
391 reconsider v. to contemplate again
392 plate v. to cover with a thin layer of metal; to coat with metal
393 grain v. to crumble into granules
394 reschedule v. to set a new time and date
395 convince v. to persuade; to influence; to prove
396 resign v. to quit an office or position; to relinquish; to give up; to abdicate
397 journey v. to travel; to take a trip
398 preempt v. to occupy a place; to take a place; to obtain at an advance opportunity
399 prize v. to appreciate; to esteem; to respect; to appraise; to assess worth
400 age v. to grow older; to mature