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TOEIC คำที่ 201 - 300

201 example n. model; pattern; something which serves as an illustration
202 inhabit v. to occupy; to live in; to dwell in; to reside in; to populate
203 possession n. custody; property; asset; control; ownership
204 payroll n. financial sheet listing salaries; list of workers who receive wages and salaries
205 creativity n. innovativeness; inventiveness
206 consist v. to be composed of; to be made up of
207 central adj. main; principal; major
208 confusion n. disorder; embarrassment; bewilderment
209 pleasure v. to cause someone enjoyment
210 fence v. to protect; to guard; to evade a question; to respond in a vague manner
211 ready adj. prepared; set; eager; willing; quick; fast
212 attendant adj. present; opposite of absent; accompanying
213 self-employed adj. independent; independent contractor; business owner; person who is not a hired laborer
214 fortunate adj. lucky; successful; opportune
215 glossy adj. shiny; polished; smooth
216 initialed adj. signed with initials; marked with the first letter or letter of a name
217 trade adj. commercial; of commerce
218 sick adj. ill; nauseous; feeling the need to vomit; disgusted; fed up
219 downsize adj. of a smaller version or dimension
220 fair adj. just; reasonable; handsome; light colored; clean; clear
221 compare n. contrast
222 recipient n. person who accepts; person who takes or gets
223 enrichment n. enhancement; refinement; improvement
224 ad n. informal word for a commercial announcement
225 relief n. easement; alleviation; liberation; aid; assistance
226 proliferation n. rapid multiplication; rapid reproduction; prosperity
227 will n. last testament listing inheritors of a dying person's property
228 address n. location; description of a location
229 advantage n. benefit; profit; utility; avail
230 citizen n. resident; native of a country
231 request v. to ask for; to petition for
232 visit v. to stay somewhere temporarily; to make an official inspection
233 fuel v. to provide with a combustible substance that provides energy
234 vary v. to alter; to change; to fluctuate
235 write off v. to disregard an outstanding debt (as of a customer)
236 directory n. guidebook; library; catalog
237 attempt v. to try to; to assay
238 calendar v. to write down in a timetable; to register
239 tie v. to bind; to fasten with a rope or cord
240 quote v. to cite; to state a price; to offer a price
241 corp. abbr. large company; firm; business
242 I.P.O. abbr. first offering to the public of a company's shares on the stock market
243 C.E.O. abbr. head manager of a corporation, company or large organization
244 hr abbr. period of 60 minutes
245 G.D.P. abbr. total goods and services produced by nation during one year excluding payments on foreign investments
246 ROI abbr. method of measuring the profitability of a company (derived by dividing the net income by total assets)
247 PTO abbr. requesting to view or read the opposite side of a page or document
248 C.S.O. abbr. top executive rank; person who is responsible for the security of a company's communications and business systems
249 PIN abbr. set of numbers which identifies a person
250 HTML abbr. language used to write pages and sites for the Internet
251 interim adv. meanwhile; in the meantime
252 likely adv. seemingly; probably
253 unfortunately adv. regrettably
254 curtly adv. briefly; bluntly; rudely
255 clearly adv. obviously; apparently; unmistakably
256 rarely adv. infrequently; not often; seldom
257 overseas adv. in a place across an ocean
258 opposite adv. contrarily
259 downward adv. towards a lower place, position or section
260 close adv. nearby
261 accompany v. to go along with; to go together with; to join; to attach
262 warranty n. guarantee; authority; justification
263 operator n. one who activates; worker of a telephone switchboard; operation symbol
264 aware adj. attentive; conscious of
265 wool n. fleece from some animals; frizzy hair
266 trespasser n. one who damages a person or his property or rights
267 credible adj. reliable; trustworthy; dependable
268 replace v. to substitute for; to return something to a particular position or location
269 residual adj. enduring; lasting; continuing; leftover; remaining
270 blanket n. bed covering; quilt
271 managerial adj. relating to supervision and responsibility
272 fiscal adj. of public funds; of or pertaining to money matters
273 priceless adj. invaluable; beyond any expressible value; very expensive
274 capable adj. skilled; able; proficient; adept
275 consistent adj. coherent; steadfast; firm
276 healthy adj. well; not sick; fit; sound
277 subordinate adj. inferior; of secondary importance; under the authority of another
278 progress v. to advance; to move forward; to gain
279 society adj. of or pertaining to the upper class
280 budget adj. inexpensive; cheap; of or relating to a financial plan
281 overhead n. general expenses; manufacturing and business expenses
282 retailer n. person or business that sells goods to final consumers
283 objection n. opposition; appeal; denial; protest
284 hire n. wages; rent; rental; charge; fee
285 subordinate n. one who is subservient; someone under the authority of another
286 calculator n. small machine that makes computations
287 refuse n. garbage; trash; waste
288 overtime n. work beyond regular working hours; pay for such work
289 report n. detailed account of an occurrence or situation
290 sign n. mark; symbol; indication; hint; trace; notice; advertisement
291 testify v. to bear witness; to declare under oath; to attest
292 margin v. to set apart an additional amount of space or money for security
293 invoice v. to bill; to charge
294 familiarize v. to cause to be acquainted; to accustom; to make something well known; to publicize
295 erase v. to rub off; to remove totally; to delete
296 badge n. tag; sign; identification tag
297 accommodate v. to adapt oneself; to host guests; to provide lodging
298 drop v. to fall; to make fall; to bring down; to go down; to omit; to abandon
299 appoint v. to nominate; to designate
300 close v. to shut; to be shut; to finish; to complete
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