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TOEIC คำที่ 1 - 100

1 evaluate v. to appraise; to judge the worth or quality; to assess; to gauge
2 bullion n. bars of gold; bars of silver
3 choose v. to select; to prefer; to pick; to make a choice
4 behaviour n. manner of acting; conduct
5 procurement n. purchase; sale; acquisition
6 categorize v. to arrange in groups; to classify; to sort; to structure
7 use n. function; utilization; benefit; advantage; consumption
8 issue v. to publish; to distribute; to circulate; to emit
9 mistake n. blunder; fault; error
10 mind n. brain; memory; recollection; opinion; intention; desire
11 traditional adj. customary
12 inventive adj. creative; new; original
13 conservative adj. resisting change; desiring to preserve traditions; cautious
14 fluent adj. articulate; eloquent; able to read and write with ease; graceful; flowing
15 technician n. specialist in repairs of machinery and appliances
16 mid-range n. pertaining to a value that is approximately in the middle of a series of values
17 perfect adj. flawless; complete; undamaged
18 emergency adj. in the event of sudden need
19 fraudulent adj. guilty; dishonest
20 germane adj. pertinent; relevant; connected
21 advancement n. forward movement; progress; promotion
22 entertainment n. something interesting or amusing; fun; hospitality
23 flaw n. defect; imperfection; crack; strong gust or wind
24 benefit n. lawyer; barrister; advocate; solicitor
25 priority n. preference; precedence; higher rank; privileged position; seniority
26 width n. breadth; thickness
27 perspective n. viewpoint; outlook; vista; view
28 shape n. form; model; image; condition; fitness; mold
29 feed n. meal; nourishment; material supplied; act of inserting into a machine (especially of putting paper into a printer)
30 confidence n. trust; certainty; faith in oneself; secret
31 exert v. to exercise; to use; to make an effort
32 disagree v. to have different opinions; to differ
33 graph v. to represent by chart; to draw a curve representing a given function
34 conduct v. to behave; to manage; to carry out; to transmit
35 specify v. to indicate; to itemize; to mark; to designate; to stipulate
36 engagement n. commitment; obligation; period of employment
37 seek v. to go in search of; to look for; to search for; to request
38 rate v. to assess; to appraise; to determine value; to grade; to classify; to sort
39 gross v. to make or earn a total of (before taxes and other expenses)
40 mandate v. to issue a command; to make an official order
41 C.C.O. abbr. person who is responsible for ensuring that a company and its employees are in compliance with government regulations and internal policies
42 ASAP abbr. quickly; immediately; swiftly; speedily; fast
43 AOL abbr. American corporation headquartered in Virginia, owner and operator of on line and interactive computer services
44 G.N.P. abbr. total value of goods and services produced by a country in a given period (generally one year)
45 C.T.O. abbr. top executive rank; person who is responsible for research and development and possibly for new product plans
46 plc abbr. public limited liability company in Britain
47 I.O.U. abbr. signed note acknowledging a debt
48 pd. abbr. given money that was owed
49 R&D abbr. department in a company that develops new products
50 C.V. abbr. resume; chronological description of one's employment and educational history; biography
51 concerning prep. about
52 between prep. intermediate to; common; shared
53 throughout prep. in every part; at every point or moment
54 beyond prep. further; more distant
55 regarding prep. with relation to
56 upon prep. on; atop
57 despite prep. notwithstanding
58 opposite prep. across from; facing
59 until prep. up to
60 behind prep. after; in back of
61 counter adv. against; in contrast to
62 forward adv. ahead; to the front
63 surely adv. confidently; certainly; without a doubt; yes; of course
64 minutely adv. meticulously; exactingly; scrupulously; diligently; thoroughly
65 comparatively adv. relatively
66 subjectively adv. based on individual thoughts and feelings
67 beneath adv. under; below
68 late adv. after the usual or expected time; tardily; recently; far on time; formerly
69 tight adv. in a close-fitting manner; firmly
70 beyond adv. past; further than
71 respect n. honor; esteem; high regard; consideration; attention
72 acquaintance n. person that you have met but do not know well; knowledge of something; familiarity
73 kindly adj. nicely; thoughtfully; graciously; considerately; sympathetically
74 stake n. wager; bet; investment; share
75 feasibility n. capability of being carried out; capability of being achieved; likelihood; probability
76 probably adv. almost certainly; very likely; apparently; in all likelihood
77 rubber adj. composed of elastic material; made from caoutchouc
78 crowd n. public; large group of people; gathering
79 close adj. near; adjacent; careful
80 blanket v. to cover; to coat
81 found adj. discovered
82 late adj. coming or occurring after the usual or expected time; tardy; slow; delayed
83 irritated adj. annoyed; aggravated; exasperated
84 suspect adj. doubtful; dubious
85 resolute adj. determined; firm; steadfast
86 ordinary adj. regular; common
87 perishable adj. expendable; spoils rapidly; likely to spoil; mortal
88 able adj. competent; talented; apt
89 alternate adj. rotating; one after the other; interchanging
90 different adj. not the same; unusual; distinctive
91 nationality n. citizenship; patriotism
92 manner n. mode; fashion; style; behavior; way; type
93 chart n. graph; diagram
94 royalties n. percentage of profits paid to an artist for each copy of his work that is sold
95 automobile n. car; vehicle; ride
96 mobilize v. to move; to circulate; to draft; to assemble for action(especially armed reserves)
97 pocket n. pouch used to carry objects; sac; underground deposit of oil
98 affinity n. attraction; closeness; liking; likeness
99 underline n. caption beneath an illustration
100 grain n. cereal; seed; granule; particle; texture; weave
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